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Have your next party or business event at the theatre!

Here at the Stuart Fremont, we have tons of room to host your next event. Imagine taking your child and all their friends to see their favorite movie on the big screen. Event hosting details are below. To contact us about hosting an event, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

With all parties, there are limitations on scheduling. On weekdays, parties can be arranged for any time leading up to 6:00 PM. On weekends, parties are available up to 1:30 PM or between 4:30 and 6:30.


When it comes to hosting a party at the theatre, there are a couple different options

Basic Package - With the basic package, you can bring your own DVD (Blu-Ray preferred) and we'll show your movie on the big screen. In this plan, you'll have three hours to have your party. The concession stand will be open, but you're free to bring your own snacks, such as cake and ice cream. The price for the basic package is $50, plus a $25 deposit. Pop and popcorn combo can be purchased for $2.50 each.

Current Movie Package - In this package, you can watch any of our current movies for your party. Similar to the other packages, you'll be given three hours for your party, the concession stand will be open, and you'll be free to bring your own snacks. Pricing for this package is $50 plus $4.50 per child. Pop and popcorn combo can also be purchased for $2.50 each.

Private Showings

Contact us for more information.

Rental for Business Use

If you need a large space to host a business venue, the theatre is perfect for you. We have two different business rental options: Facility only and Facility Plus Concessions.

Facility Only - With the facility only option, you'll have access to the facility only. You can rent out the building for a half day or a full day, schedule permitting. With the full day plan, you'll just be required to finish before our evening showings begin. The half day option is $75, and the full day option costs $100/day.

Facility Plus Concessions - The facilitiy plus concessions options runs similar to the facility only plan. The only difference is with this option we will provide food and refreshments for breaks and/or lunch. The half-day cost for this option is $75 + $5.00/person and the full-day cost is $100 + $5.00/person.

School Parties/Prom or Other Class Gatherings

Call (515-523-1225 or 515-205-6115) or contact below for pricing

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